New Emission Gas Analysis System

(NO, NOx, CO, CO2, O2, THC, NH3)

Modular Design Allows for Custom Configurations & Simplified Maintenance


  • Production line testing
  • Certification
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Independent labs
  • Raw exhaust and EGR
  • Pre and post catalyst
  • Diluted exhaust sampling
  • NH3 Slip Analysis

Exclusive Features:

  • Designed to measure emissions from all combustion engines regardless of fuel type
  • Separate mobile sampling trolley with built-in sample pump
  • Positive pressure sample; no dilution from system leaks
  • Heated inlet filter on primary sample line
  • Continuous condensate removal without peristaltic pump
  • Open architecture for integration of various analyzer types
  • Raw or dilute analysis
  • Unique FTUV NH3 Analyzer

All Altech EGAS 2M analyzers benefit from leading-edge metrology while offering ultra-low maintenance. The 2M Series combines a powerful, easy-to-use interface with high quality components and design technology.

Lightweight, ultra-compact and capable of fast and accurate measurement, 2M Series analyzers are ideally suited for engine exhaust analysis.

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