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CO2 reduction, increasing complexity of new powertrain systems, simultaneously with highest requirements to process efficiency, and a quick market launch of new models are the challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s automotive industry.

AVL supports you with a comprehensive and integrated product portfolio for simulation, inspection and test systems in order to open up potentials for the increase in efficiency in the development process and to quickly make innovative technologies for electrification of the powertrain market-ready.


AVL Powertrain Engineering is your competent partner for development of innovative powertrain systems. From Diesel engines to Electric Drives, from Alternative Fuels to Control Software, from Transmissions to Batteries, we have been supporting the Automotive and Mobility industries for more than 60 years. Unique synergies with AVL Instrumentation & Test Systems and AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies lead to highly creative, mature and application-specific solutions for our customers to meet their future market challenges.


Simulation tools and methods for powertrain development. Powerful multi-dimensional simulation platforms developed on the basis of AVL’s engineering knowledge guide you to practical, application oriented solutions.

AVL is providing a set of comprehensive simulation tools in a flexible and open environment enabling multi-disciplinary solutions as integral part of your powertrain development process. Fully validated state-of-the-art physical simulation models embedded in application specific simulation methods enable virtual prototyping on component and system level for most efficient combination of simulation, design.


AVL enhanced and improved the successful iGeneration systems for a smarter way of emission testing

The iGeneration Series II consists of the AMA i60 SII, CVS i60 SII, PSS i60 SII and SESAM i60 FT SII. The well-known advantages of the iGeneration product line are still implemented and improved in the areas of:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Serviceability
  • TCO/Cost-Benefit-Ratio
  • Compliance
  • Usability
  • Flexibility

AVL- iGeneration SII—Developed for high performance emission testing


  • N2O QCL analyzer integrated into an AVL emission bench
  • Enhanced CVS bag valve manifold for WLTP or PHEV testing supporting individual bag pairing
  • New FT i60 with lower volume gas cell
  • Dedicated hot CLD gas analyzer for SCR application
  • New FID analyzer with integrated faster PMD
  • Quality Center iQ for visualization of quality checks
  • New modular CVS Tailpipe Pressure Control for flexible adaptation


  • New FT i60 spectrometer with significantly improved detection limits and faster rise and response times
  • New PMD with faster rise time and minimized drift
  • Increased accuracy of dilute measurements by strict separation of clean, dirty and ambient streams in CVS
  • Easier plausibility control of diagnostic checks by the AVL Quality Center iQ
  • Even higher robustness by modified routing of supply pipes in CVS control cabinet
  • Additional safety mechanism for automated stop of CVS bag refilling in case of overpressure


  • Easier maintenance and repair of the new FT i60 spectrometer by means of a re-designed gas cell
  • Improved accessibility by re-arrangement of specific components, e.g. front access to connect calibration equipment to CVS
  • Faster trouble shooting thanks to simplified navigation and additional tool tips
  • Simplification of customer specific error handling

TCO / Cost-Benefit-Ratio

  • Higher availability of the emission bench by hot CLD avoiding condensation
  • Increased efficiency by larger diameter of the piping and a dedicated CVS bag evacuation pump
  • Reduced gas consumption by lower sample flow through the new FT i60 spectrometer
  • Reduced consumption of compressed air thanks to the modified SESAM jet pump
  • Membrane pump, avoiding compressed air, as an alternative to SESAM jet pump
  • Improved SESAM cabinet sealing for more efficient air conditioning


  • Dilute N2O measurements for EPA Greenhouse Gas regulation by the new AVL QCL i60 gas analyzer
  • Software upgrade package, including e.g. modified cutter efficiency check, for EU VI Heavy Duty legislation
  • Automated Heated Bubbler supporting EPA 40 CFR part 1065 compliant chiller performance and CLD quench check


  • Extended intervals for LN2 refilling by means of an integrated 5 liter Dewar in SESAM i60 FT S2 Large Cabinet
  • CVS calibration by an automated LFE
  • Easier adaptation to vehicle tailpipe by optimized height of RMU exhaust inlet
  • Smooth operation by improved customized error handling
  • Quality Center iQ for visualization of quality checks
  • Simplified navigation and additional tool tips


  • RMU with Y-pipe exhaust inlet for dual tailpipes
  • Adaptation to local requirements for electrical mains supply
  • Rotatable exhaust inlet at RMU for adaption to individual testbed setups
  • Faster change of devices between testbeds by an integrated router
  • Heatable exhaust pipes for climatic chamber applications using a CVS or heated dilution tunnel configurations
  • Rearrangement of channels on user interface

AVL equips complete Powertrain Competence Centers worldwide with top-of-the-line technology

New equipment for motor research, development, and certification comes from AVL Emission Test Systems. The emission experts equip worldwide Competence Centers with first-class technology.

AVL´s all-wheel configuration test benches are modified for all vehicle and powertrain types—including simulation software that stages various roads and conditions.

With the AVL systems, research, motor development, emission certification and extensive tests are efficient and setting a milestone in the motor world.

Alongside the all-wheel rolling test benches, AVL supports engineers in R&D with automated solutions such as iGEM Vehicle, the emission measurement technology of AMA i60, as well as the SHED system for evaporation and emission tests in accordance to international standards.

In order to ensure the highest possible level of efficiency AVL provides optimal user concepts allowing engineers and developers to work with nearly no limitations.

AVL ETS is equipping the most modern testing centers in the world-offering complete systems—fulfilling both the various requirements and legislative regulations harmoniously.

Application fields range from vehicle engines, marine engines and heavy duty machinery through to small, mobile engines. Engineers and developers throughout the world seeking extremely innovative solutions close to the market rely on high tech equipment from AVL.

AMA iGeneration i60 Exhaust Measurement System

The AVL AMA i60 is a high-end emission bench for emission testing focusing on both certification and R&D for all fuel types.

The new measurement system is characterized by essential detail improvements. Requirements for measurement quality, serviceability, reliability and modular industrial production were given special consideration.

A great AVL Solution for your requirements

Integrated pumps draw in the measurement gas from the sample point, which can be located at a distance of up to 20 m. The analysis of the measurement gas is implemented by means of conventional analyzers – FID for THC and CH4, CLD for NO/NOX, IRD for CO, CO2 and N2O as well as PMD for O2.

Your Benefits

  • Safe investment in intelligent technology of highest flexibility & retrofit ability
  • First-class measurement results regarding accuracy, reproducibility, response times
  • Substantially reduced expenses for installation & total cost of ownership
  • Graphical user interface with interactive flow diagrams of the system & components
  • Integrated maintenance planning and intelligent error handling