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About CAD Railway Industries Ltd.

Our test facility is an applied Canadian research center dedicated to large-bore diesel engines. Thanks to the center’s unique test equipment, expertise and knowledge of diesel engines, locomotive and marine applications we are one of just a few labs throughout the North America who can cover applied research projects on those areas.

3 We provide cutting edge research in diesel engine technology that is needed to meet our national goals of obtaining reduced emissions, while providing industry with better fuel economy and higher power density. Locomotive and engine testing facility covers an area of 20,000 square feet housing state-of-the-art equipment and engine test-beds that are capable of providing a wide spectrum of scientific data to simulate any condition

scre Highly qualified researchers, experienced chemists and engineers perform full-scale engine testing, emission and component analysis. With their expertise in engines, fuels and lubricants, they have developed techniques for continuous, real-time, measurements of engine output, fuel and oil consumption, and exhaust emissions.

Our engineers and research staff are active in applied research projects, in close collaboration with government institutions and private sector, aimed at improving diesel engine fuel consumption and performance and reducing exhaust emissions. All this allows the CAD Railway to offer a new dimension to corporations and government organizations requiring comprehensive analysis. Part of our projects are funded and supported by government in which we are committed to engage in continuous research and development programs.

Fuel, Lubricant and Coolant Analysis

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments that are required to perform lube oil analyses in accordance to ASTM methods. labThe measuring devices and analyzers are being kept up-to-date to insure the quality of chemical analyses, data and results. Together with other features of the test facility, we are capable of accurately measuring engine fuel consumption under controlled conditions. We can verify and analyze fuel and lube oil properties in our chemistry lab, which is a necessity in conjunction with engine and component analyses.

Emissions Analysis

screCAD Railway has successfully commissioned its emissions laboratory for locomotive and medium-speed diesel engine emissions measurements. Our in-house bespoke emission equipment allows us to conduct full range of emission measurments on the engine and locomotive including, particulate matter (PM) and smoke opacity conforming to EPA 40CFR Part 92, 1033 and 1056 specifications. We also partner with government organizations and railway companies and conduct EPA locomotive/locomotive engine compliance and emissions related R&D work.