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FEV Diesel Systems Development

FEV is an internationally recognized leader in the design and development of internal combustion engines, and a global supplier of advanced test and instrumentation systems and facilities. As an independent powertrain research, design and development company FEV provides global support to the transportation industry in the design, prototyping, and development of advanced gasoline, diesel, and alternative fueled engines.

FEV provides a full suite of engineering services that are used to develop innovative solutions to the problems facing our customers. As FEV has grown, we have prepared ourselves for the increasing complexity inherent in large, cross-functional powertrain development and vehicle integration programs. Today, we can effectively manage small as well as large multidisciplinary projects from concept to production in which FEV specialists and on-site customer personnel, production suppliers, and multiple subcontractors work together in both on-site and off-site project centers.

Worldwide, FEV's business consists of approximately 50% diesel cycle related activity. We have been, and are currently, directly involved in the development of a number of diesel engine designs for commercial, government and military applications. This involvement covers the full spectrum of diesel engines from smaller, passenger car diesel powerplants to heavy-duty, marine, and industrial engines.

Marine Engine, In-line 4 Passenger Car Engine, V6/V8 HD Diesel Engine, Large Bore Locomotive Engine

FEV has extensive experience in designing and developing new diesel engines as well as in the modification of existing designs. Our capabilities and experience extend from combustion and mechanical development to engine packaging and powertrain systems integration, including the control of integrated powertrain functions, certification, calibration and homologation.


FEV has benchmarked more than 200 different vehicles and engines - both diesel and gasoline - over the past 15 years at our German Headquarters and more than 80 vehicles and engines over the past 8 years at our North American Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The benchmarking assessments conducted involve a systematic assessment and characterization of competitive vehicles and powertrains. The database includes engines ranging from Inline 3's to V12's and is continuously updated with the latest engine technologies. The information is used for target setting and determination of where our customer’s applications stand relative to industry best-in-class.

Power to Engine Speed Graph

Engine Design

FEV has extensive experience in designing and developing new diesel engines as well as in the modification of existing designs. Our capabilities and experience include all aspects necessary to take a design from a clean sheet of paper to production including:

  • Design
  • Performance simulation and CFD analysis
  • Structural, dynamics, thermo-mechanical and NVH CAE analysis
  • Prototype procurement and fabrication
  • Component and assembly quality inspection
  • Engine/powertrain assembly
  • Mechanical, performance, emissions, and NVH development testing
  • Vehicle integration including the control of integrated powertrain functions, certification, calibration and homologation
  • Program management

Engine Design Process

Thermodynamics and Simulation

FEV offers a full suite of in-house analysis capabilities, spanning from one-dimensional gas dynamics and fuel system modeling, to coolant and lubrication analysis, to complex three-dimensional approaches for compressible and incompressible flows. In-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) expertise includes cooling system, induction, exhaust, and catalyst flow visualization and optimization.

FEV is also involved in physical modeling of in-cylinder dynamic processes such as fuel spray, mixture formation, turbulence, combustion, and emissions formation. As a compliment to these analyses, FEV conducts extensive CAE investigations covering thermal, mechanical, stress, and NVH attributes at both the component and broader systems level. Extensive modeling is conducted at the vehicle level as well, to evaluate performance and fuel consumption from an overall systems perspective.


Software and Controls Development

In the course of its many development programs, FEV has developed various strategies and their calibration. These programs include, but are not limited to, base engine controls, combustion system control strategies, cylinder pressure based controls and exhaust aftertreatment controls.

Engine Controls

From software, algorithm and diagnostic development for over 40 production calibrations, FEV’s experience in powertrain control modules spans the transportation industry. This experience provides our customers with a host of benefits by using the best practices and lean methodologies for controls and OBD development.

Engine and Aftertreatment Calibration Methods and Tools

FEV utilizes state-of-the-art commercially available and internally developed tools to develop engine calibrations for demonstration through production. FEV’s calibration processes integrate GT Power simulation with DoE and automated calibration to provide its customers optimal results within most efficient and cost effective timing.

Aftertreatment Calibration

FEV’s calibration experience and expertise includes base engine, aftertreatment and vehicle calibration for large production programs:

  • Ambient Condition Calibration (Cold / Hot / Altitude)
  • Cold Start Calibration
  • Hardware & Software Validation
  • Drivability and Performance Attribute Assessment
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • A/C System Calibration
  • Overheat Protection
  • Turbocharger Protection
  • Powertrain Component/System Durability Testin

Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Calibration by FEV

Advanced Technologies

In addition to customer programs, FEV invests heavily in internal programs to develop state-of-the-art diesel technologies to support the industries it serves.

Advanced Technologies


Company Profile

FEV is an internationally recognized leader in the design and development of both conventional and alternative transportation energy systems. The company also develops technology solutions for the energy industry and is a major supplier of advanced testing and instrumentation products and services.

We offer engineering services that add value by meeting demanding customer requirements for quality, rapid development and reduced cost. As new transportation and energy related innovations move into production, FEV delivers design, analysis, prototyping, simulation, development, integration and production support services that help ensure a successful launch of these new products.

The FEV Group employs a staff of over 2,200 highly skilled specialists at advanced technical centers on several continents. FEV, Inc. employs approximately 350 personnel at FEV’s North American Technical Center in Auburn Hills, MI.

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