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Insulation Blankets for Engine Exhaust Systems

Welcome to Firwin Corp, North America’s foremost manufacturer of durable, high quality, removable insulation blankets for engine exhaust systems.

Engines, Exhausts, Catalysts, Silencers—We’ve Got You Covered

We offer an extensive range of insulation solutions for engines. Our insulation products are installed on manifolds, turbo chargers, exhaust piping, silencers, and purifiers.

Firwin Corp also offers a more permanent type insulation solution, Firwin HC (Hard Coat). Firwin HC insulation is an alternative to removable insulation blankets. Made of a high heat-resistant composite material, Firwin HC is applied to the engine or exhaust part at our facility. Its durable and lightweight hard exterior clings tightly to the part, preventing fluids from igniting on hot engine and exhaust parts. Firwin HC is ideal in limited space applications.

We also offer sound insulation solutions.

Engine Library

We have an extensive library of tested Patterns for a wide range of Engine Manufacturers and Models, Silencers, and Purifiers.

Amongst the engines we have in the library to name a few are: Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, EMD, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Kubota, Iveco, MTU, Waukesha, Generac, Lister Petter, Ruston.

In the ever-evolving marketplace with new models being introduced each year where we do not have information, we seek out the appropriate model and design patterns.

Purifiers, SCRs, and Particulate Filters

The increased legal requirement of exhaust pollution containment has made the fastest possible effective burn-off very important. Effective heat containment, when using Catalytic Purifiers, Scrubbers, Particulate Filters, and SCR’s, speeds up the time to reach the minimum effective temperature for effective pollutant burn-off.

Use of removable insulation blankets on Purifiers, Filters, Catalytic Converters, and Exhasut Piping contains heat flow from the housing which:

  • Brings the catalyst up to its effective operating temperature much faster,
  • Ensures that the catalyst is kept at the highest operating temperature possible given the exhaust flow temperatures of the exhaust system,
  • Gives personnel protection against burns for technicians working on an operating piece of equipment.
  • Gives easy access for replacement of catalysts.


Firwin makes blankets for silencers and purifiers of all sizes. Depending on customer safety requirements these blankets can be up to 4" thick. Our blankets can be manufactured to allow for hangers/brackets/supports, and side or end inlet/outlet piping.

Benefits of Insulating Engines and Exhaust Systems

  • Protects electric wiring, solenoids, and electronic controls from exhaust heat.
  • Reduces fire hazards from flammable liquids and combustible organic material coming into contact with high surface temperatures of running equipment.
  • Provides heat containment for maximum pollutant burn off.
  • Protects staff from burns from hot exhaust piping.
  • Reduces ambient heat to tolerable temperatures, allowing personnel to operate in enclosed spaces such as engine rooms.
  • Prevents unnecessary water sprinkler set off from engine heat.
  • Meets UL2000 requirements for generator engines.

Benefits of Firwin Removable Insulation Blankets

  • Low installation and tooling costs.
  • Removable & reusable for inspection and maintenance.
  • Do not require highly skilled technicians for installation/removal.
  • Modular design making replacement of damaged parts very easy.
  • Noise control capabilities.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Asbestos free.

Qualified expertise. Best of class solutions.

Since 1982, we’ve focused on creating a market-leading company specializing in custom manufactured removable insulation systems. We continuously invest in research and development, and are committed to high levels of customer collaboration and satisfaction. Our goal is to be your insulation blanket partner. We’ll help you find outstanding solutions to your challenges through our technical experts working closely with you to provide state of the art technology.

It’s no wonder Firwin Corp. is considered an industry authority in complex hot environment insulation solutions. Custom designed... using the latest technology and quality materials... providing exceptional heat and noise control at temperatures up to 2000°F (1100°C)... Once we have understood your needs, we are able to manufacture practical, quality solutions for you—delivered according to your specific requirements.

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