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MIRATECH provides straightforward solutions to the emissions needs of all industrial engine applications. The unique combinations of substrates, formulations and housings is often the standard for Best Available Control Technology (BACT) which allows end users to achieve first-time compliance. MIRATECH's catalysts substrates are reliable, high-performance elements with superior mechanical and thermal durabilty. MIRATECH's catalyst technology cuts natural gas and diesel exhaust NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, VOCs, HAPs and particulates emissions down to federal and state compliance levels at a minimum cost. This results in minimum space requirements, pressure drop and impact on your operation.

MIRATECH catalyst technology ensures the highest emissions standards including:

Exhaust sounds can be difficult to modulate and control. Rely on MIRATECH to deliver the right products and methods to meet your project's requirements. Standard products to 52 dB(A) insertion loss and custom designs are available to meet the needs of your next project.

Products available with combined sound attenuation and emission reduction include:

Products with dedicated emission reduction include:

Control Systems:

Project Assistance:

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