12 March 2002

In a news release issued yesterday, Engelhard Corporation announced it was granted a US patent titled “Low Pressure EGR System for Diesel Engines”. The patent covers an exhaust gas recirculation system targeting retrofit, heavy-duty diesel engine applications, as well as OEM markets. The system also incorporates particulate filters and, thus, is capable of simultaneous reduction of NOx and PM emissions.

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Key elements of the Engelhard’s EGR system are:

  • Placement of the EGR pick-up unit upstream of the exhaust soot filter to minimize fuel penalty
  • Placement of an additional soot filter inside of the EGR pick-up unit to eliminate soot contamination of the engine
  • Flexible corrugated EGR line for better heat transfer
  • Use of a condensate remover to eliminate engine contamination with acidic water.

Source: Engelhard