7 November 2006

International Truck and Engine Corporation announced its lineup of MaxxForce™ International Diesel Power engines for 2008 model year trucks, and provided specifications and technical details.

Beginning in January, MaxxForce engines become the signature powerplant for International® brand on-highway Class 4-8 commercial vehicles. In North America, the MaxxForce product line ranges from the upgraded 4.5 liter V-6 MaxxForce 5 to the new MaxxForce 13 big-bore Class 8 engine. Another highlight is the new 6.4 liter MaxxForce 7.

For 2008 model year trucks, the MaxxForce engine lineup includes:

  • MaxxForce 5, built on International’s V-6 engine platform, features an upgraded intake throttle, a larger EGR cooler and enhanced electronics. It will power Class 4-5 International CityStar commercial trucks with 200 hp and 440 ft-lb of torque.
  • MaxxForce 7, a new V-8 turbo, provides increased performance and fuel economy improvements. The MaxxForce 7 engine will power Class 5-7 International DuraStar series medium-duty trucks, IC brand buses, International brand commercial buses and two vehicles in the International XT Family. MaxxForce 7 offers ratings of 200-230 hp and 560-620 ft-lb of torque. A 300+ hp rating of the MaxxForce 7 will be offered in the fall of 2007.
  • MaxxForce DT is built on the DT 466 inline 6-cylinder platform. MaxxForce DT will power Class 6-8 DuraStar and WorkStar trucks with 210-300 hp and 520-860 ft-lb of torque.
  • MaxxForce 9, built on International’s I-6 architecture, features a bigger EGR system and closed-crankcase ventilation system. The MaxxForce 9 powers Class 7-8 DuraStar and WorkStar commercial trucks with 300-330 hp and 800-950 ft-lb of torque.
  • MaxxForce 10, also built on the I-6 architecture, features a larger EGR system and closed-crankcase ventilation system. MaxxForce 10 powers Class 8 WorkStar and TranStar trucks with 310-350 hp and 1,050-1,150 ft-lb of torque.
  • MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 are International’s new big-bore diesel engines, developed in cooperation with MAN, for the Class 8 truck market. These engines feature a compacted-graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block, and offer good fuel economy, excellent power characteristics and quiet, low noise, vibration and harshness. The MaxxForce 11 will be offered in TranStar, while the MaxxForce 13 will be available in the ProStar. More technical specifications will be announced in 2007, leading up to the production launch in the fall of 2007.

MaxxForce engine-powered International brand commercial trucks in North America offer engine technologies and advanced aftertreatment systems, including diesel particulate filters, to meet the US EPA 2007 diesel emissions standards.

Source: International