1 October 2010

Johnson Matthey introduced a new line of EcoNOx™ 3-way and 2-way catalytic converters and converter-silencers to reduce exhaust emissions and/or noise from stationary engines.

EcoNOx converters can convert NOx, CO, HC, VOC and HAP (hazardous air pollutant) emissions from engines fueled with natural gas, diesel, LPG, dual or bio-fuels. This latest, fourth-generation converter design is intended for multiple new and retrofit applications—gas compression, power generation, irrigation, pumping, standby equipment and pump jacks.

EcoNOx Converter

Johnson Matthey offers four different single or multi-element EcoNOx converters:

  • EcoNOx™ Catalytic Converter (for 250-2,000 HP IC engines)
  • EcoNOx™ Mini Catalytic Converter (for 50-500 HP IC engines)
  • EcoNOx™ Q Converter-Silencer
  • EcoNOx™ Mini Q Converter-Silencer

The converters utilize brazed, thin-walled stainless steel honeycomb supports.

Source: Johnson Matthey