8 June 2011

SSI Technologies announced the launch of an SCR system urea (DEF, AdBlue) combination sensor to monitor urea level, temperature and concentration. These sensors are designed to meet emission regulations that include anti-tampering and driver warning and inducement requirements for SCR systems, such as monitoring of urea quality and concentration.

The combination sensor, utilizing ultrasonic technology, is an in-tank design with OBD capability. It provides the following measurements and capabilities:

  • Detection of 10% or greater water dilution of DEF
  • Detection of DEF contaminants such as diesel fuel, water, windshield washer fluid, brakes fluid, motor oil, gasoline and anti-freeze
  • DEF level monitoring with 0.5 mm resolution
  • Immediate operator notification of any diesel miss-fills in DEF tank
  • Temperature monitoring (±3°C) for DEF heating management
  • DEF consumption monitoring, with 48 hour memory stored in sensor
  • Redundant indication of empty DEF tank
  • J1939 CAN-Bus technology for system integration
  • Programmable for profiling to regular or irregular/odd shaped DEF tanks

SSI Technologies of Janesville, WI is a designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic level, pressure and magnetic sensors and monitoring systems for automotive, truck and bus, construction, agricultural, marine, sport vehicle, medical, test and measurement, and general industrial applications.

Source: SSI Technologies