12 August 2011

AVL announced a new analyzer in the family of their iGeneration Emission Products, the SESAM i60 FT. This successor to the SESAM-FTIR will be the first complete and fully automated FTIR based system to meet the US EPA part 1065 requirements, said AVL. The instrument also meets Euro VI emission testing regulations.

The new SESAM i60 FT features:

  • User selectable 1 Hz and 5 Hz scan rates
  • Optimized 5 Hz fast response, low-flow sampling system
  • User selectable flow configurations with fast system response time of ~350 ms to < 1 s while maintaining low extracted flow
  • Diagnostic reports for regulatory compliance and data quality

The system can include the following part 1065 check functions according to the listed 1065 paragraphs. Where different limits are applicable for ECE, EPA and EPA 1065 legislation, checks can be performed according to one or the other legislation.

  • 1065.275: N2O measurement devices
  • 1065.305: Verification for accuracy, repeatability, and noise (ANR Check)
  • 1065.307: Analyzer linearity verification
  • 1065.308: Continuous gas analyzer system-response and updating-recording verification
  • 1065.345d/e: Dilution of span gas and vacuum decay leak verification
  • 1065.360: FID optimization and verification (analyzer feature)
  • 1065.362: Non-stoichiometric raw exhaust FID O2 interference verification
  • 1065.375: Interference verification for N2O analyzers
  • 1065.520g: Hydrocarbon contamination verification

In 2002, US EPA introduced new emission measurement procedures, defined in 40 CFR Part 1065. The scope of engines covered by the part 1065 testing requirements has been gradually expanding. In the long term, part 1065 testing will be required for all types of engines (with the exception of aircraft engines and those that require vehicle testing).

Source: AVL