Proventia // Emission Control Solutions

Proventia is an international environmental technology group providing complete customized emission control solutions for machines and vehicles both in OEM and retrofitting markets. Proventia’s core competences are in PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen oxide) reducing technologies that we combine with in-house product development, engineering, designing and testing services. We develop solutions and devices that improve the overall operation of the EAT systems, such as Proventia SuperTornado™ DEF Mixing Unit.

SuperTornado™ DEF Mixing Unit
– Solve your DEF mixing issues

Proventia Tornado
SuperTornado™ DEF Mixing Unit

The Proventia SuperTornado™ DEF Mixing Unit solves potential urea deposit problems in SCR systems by delivering even NH3 distribution within exhaust gas. SuperTornado™ DEF Mixing unit improves the overall performance of the SCR: it allows you to inject more AdBlue® in lower temperatures in the shortest possible pipe length.

EAT system integration
for OE manufacturers

For OE off-road manufacturers and engine manufacturers Proventia is a complete solution provider.

We design and engineer the exhaust after-treatment systems in close co-operation with engine manufacturers, using their own emission control concepts and certified components.

OEM Product
An integrated SCR system for Valtra T-series tractors

Retrofit &
LEZ Solutions

Proventia offers install-ready retrofit delivery kits both for off-road and on-road machines and vehicles.

Proventia NOxBUSTER

NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR system is a comprehensive concept for the tightest emission requirements in retrofits. It upgrades your on-road vehicle from EURO III to EURO V regarding emissions.

Proventia PROAIR
PROAIR® Muffler Replacement Filter

PROAIR® Flex and PROAIR® Muffler Replacements are both passively regenerating filters for retrofit installations.

Proventia Chili
CHILI® electrically regenerated filter element

Proventia CHILI® filters are based on the principle of active regeneration. The intelligent CHILI® filter itself serves as a resistive heater that draws the power needed for regeneration from the machine’s electrical system.