Technology Guide: New literature references database

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Technology Guide: New literature references database

Postby wam on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:42 pm

We have moved to a new database system for the literature references (bibliography) displayed in our Technology Guide papers. All papers are now updated to the new system. Some of the differences compared to the old system are:

  • A more snappy performance. In the old system, loading the references was a source of a noticeable delay with a sluggish feel.
  • The new implementation has been designed to properly handle various extended characters, no more stripping of üs, ñs or çs.
  • Added DOI field, so the DOI numbers can be included in references.
Under the hood, it's an entirely new system, compatible with advanced internet browsers and technologies.

Note to Internet Explorer 6 users: Literature references are properly listed at the end of the papers, but clicking on a reference link in the text--which normally shows the literature reference in a pop-up--does nothing in IE6. If you can upgrade from IE6 to a more advanced browser, please do so to improve your browsing experience in the technical papers and throughout the site.
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