Migration to the new server

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Migration to the new server

Postby bbadmin on Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:05 pm

The DieselNet.com web site migrated to a new web server. We are now hosted at MediaTemple, a fine internet hosting company with clients ranging from Warner Brothers through Diesel Jeans to Volkswagen (we like to think we fit somewhere in between the latter two.)

We hope the change was unnoticed to our visitors. However, we can think of a couple of reasons why you can be affected by the move:

  • Subscribers to our web site who receive the DieselNet Update newsletter by email: If your spam protections depend on our IP number, please update the information. The old IP ( changed to Note that over-zealous spam protections are the #1 reason why our newsletter cannot find its way into your inbox.
  • Registered users of the old discussion forum need to register again to post.

In case you experience signs of weirdness, please reply to this post or contact us directly.
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