Updated Paper: Intake Air Management for Diesel Engines

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Updated Paper: Intake Air Management for Diesel Engines

Postby wam on Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:44 am

An updated version of the Intake Air Management for Diesel Engines Technology Guide paper is available for your reading pleasure. This is a top level paper that covers volumetric efficiency and the basics of pressure charging—including turbochargers, superchargers and systems with multiple compressors—as well as turbocompounding and an introduction to intake manifold design.

A copy of the previous version of the paper is still available, as it includes some information on turbocompounding and wave supercharging that has not yet been moved to updated papers.

In the coming weeks/months we are planning on updating the remaining Technology Guide material on intake air management—including papers on turbochargers and superchargers—and adding new papers on charge air temperature management and on swirl.

Happy Reading!
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