Webinar Vehicle Emission Regulation Measurements (PMP)

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Webinar Vehicle Emission Regulation Measurements (PMP)

Postby kathyerickson on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:28 am

In case anyone is interested on Thursday July 15th a free webinar will be given detailing the in benefits of adding particle size information to vehicle emission regulation measurements (PMP). The recent changes in particle emissions regulations for light duty and heavy duty combustion engines have put new demands on engine development and on the design of after treatment systems. As a result, not only is the reduction of emitted particle mass required but the number of particles in the exhaust plume must also be minimized. The webinar will introduce measurement strategies applicable for engine development and after treatment device testing and introduce instrumentation for particulate emission characterization. Discussion points will include: steady state measurements, transient measurements at test benches and chassis dynos, correlations to PMP-conformation measurements, data acquisition and implementation in host systems, and mobile measurements.

About the Speaker: Thomas Krinke is a Senior Research & Analytic Regional Manager at TSI, specializing in characterization of particle emissions from engine exhaust and Fast Sizers. Before joining TSI, Thomas worked as a research scientist for University of Duisburg-Essen (under Prof. Heinz Fissan) and for Lund University (under Prof. Knut Deppert). While working as a research scientist, Thomas was particularly interested in gas phase synthesis of engineered nanoparticles and handling of nanoparticles in the gas phase. Mr. Krinke is currently an active member of GAeF and VDI.

If interested check out http://www.tsi.com/webinars for more information.

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