Addressing the needs of Emission researchers and Testing products for OEM’s, EO, CARB, EPA:

  • CEE is located in Santa Ana, California, 40 km South of Los Angeles International Airport.
  • CEE has a 150,000 sq/ft a facility located on 10 acres of land, designated as a free trade zone.
  • The property is utilized for R&D and engine and emission testing to world standards.
  • CEE is licensed by EPA and CARB to test Diesel, Gasoline, CNG, LNG, for Trucks, Automobile, Stationary Engines, Motorcycles, SORE, OEM, Aftermarket Suppliers on both Engine or Chassis Dynamometers.
  • CEE is Title 40 CFR 1065 compliant.

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California Environmental Engineering CEE

2530 S. Birch St.
Santa Ana Ca. 92707
Ph. 714-545-9822   Fax 714-545-7667
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Got a Great Invention or Idea to Reduce Emissions?

As an independent emissions laboratory let CEE test your idea, device, or product to meet EPA and CARB requirements. CEE is a leader in obtaining EO's from CARB to allow manufacturers to sell their products in the U.S. market. CEE is a qualified test laboratory and has been testing products for over 25 years.

California Environmental Engineering is a major emission laboratory committed to developing products and increasing services to accommodate customers needs and continually striving to keep in front of new emission regulations.

This fully automated test cell can be yours for any use. CEE has many engines to choose from. You are welcome to bring your own engine.
  • ISO 8178 Testing OFF Road
  • 13 Mode, 8 Mode, Custom Test
  • Up to 2000 BHP
  • Long term rental available
  • CARB Certified
  • Combustion air conditioning

Testing Capabilities

Transient Dyno Testing Capability Up To 1,000 hp   •   EPA Part 1065 Compliant

  • Federal Test Procedures, FTP, Three Phase
  • Evaporative Emissions, Hot-Soak, 2 & 3 day Diurnal Tests
  • Bag / Dilute, tailpipe, catalyst efficiency, modal analysis
  • Hydrocarbon Speciation
  • Customer Specified, Japanese, European test Cycles
  • AMA Test Cycles
  • Gasoline, Diesel, Alternate Fuels
  • Chassis or Engine Dynamometer
  • Particulate Mass Measurement
  • Canister Loading and Breakthrough Testing
  • Carbonyl Analysis
  • Alcohol Analysis

CEE’s Clients Include