Kubota engines Kubota’s policy is to create a more powerful, economical, quiet running, and virtually maintenance-free engine. Our diesel engines reflect Kubota’s concern and respect for humanity, our long technological experience and expanded research & development.

Kubota Canada Engine Division

Kubota Canada Ltd.
Engine Division
5900 14th Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3S 4K4
Tel: 905.294.7477,  Fax: 905.294.1554

For information on industrial engines and power products contact J.P. Ouellette, e-mail jpouellette@kubota.ca. Visit our web site at www.kubota.ca for information about engines, as well as tractors and other Kubota products.

Canadian Distributors for Kubota Engines

Kubota Worldwide

Kubota Engine World Headquarters web page: www.engine.kubota.ne.jp

Worldwide Distributors for Kubota Engines

Kubota Generators web page: generator.kubota.jp

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Kubota Diesel Engines

Kubota, one of the world’s top-class manufacturers of compact diesel engines, is also famous for being the first manufacturer to pass the California ULGE emission regulations for engines under 19 kW (25 hp). What makes Kubota different? The answer lies in the four fundamentals, “High Performance,” “Energy Efficient,” “Labor Saving,” and “Respect for Humanity,” that remain unchanged ever since Kubota started engine production in 1922.

The model line-ups for Kubota engines and Kubota generators are shown in the following charts.

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