HiQ® represents the best there is in the world of high purity gases, accurate gas mixtures, precision engineered gas supply systems and the high quality services needed for optimum results. Precise answers to individual needs. Customised to meet specific requirements. Delivered in a form and frequency tailored to each application.

With dedicated production facilities, accredited analytical laboratories, mobile analytical services, state-of-the-art logistics and selection procedures, as well as purpose-designed and custom-engineered total supply systems, Linde has the infrastructure to put the ‘special’ into specialty gases. Behind all is the combined global expertise and knowledge base of the dedicated HiQ team - experts in the field, with the software tools and networked information to help you make informed choices quickly and with certainty.

HiQ® - Precision matters in everything we do

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HiQ is a registered trademark of The Linde Group.

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