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Clean Diesel additive reduces particulate emissions

18 September 1997

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. announced that recent tests at an independent European engine testing facility showed that an advanced formulation of the company's Platinum Plus fuel additive reduced particulate emissions from passenger car diesel engines by as much as 23%.

The facility tested current production engines which, together with the additive, approach proposed European emission standards set for Year-2000 vehicle models. Platinum Plus is now available to European consumers from U.K.-based Holt Lloyd Ltd., a major car care products distributor. The company now seeks area-exclusive marketing contracts with oil companies around the globe.

Company engineers indicated that Platinum Plus could assist engine manufacturers in achieving Year-2000 emission standards without substantial engine redesign. The latest tests also confirmed earlier results from older, higher-emitting passenger diesel vehicles, which showed up to an 18% particulate reduction when the additive was employed.

CDT Chief Operating Officer James M. Valentine reported that the company is working closely with engine and oil companies both in the United States and overseas to take full advantage of the additive's properties and performance as evinced to date by a number of such independent tests.

"We believe this product could be an integral part of a premium diesel fuel offered by an aggressive oil marketer and we're prepared to offer regional exclusivity to support early introduction to the bulk fuel market," he said.

Valentine added that the additive can be used both by consumers and truck and bus fleet operators "not only to reduce emissions, but improve overall performance of diesel catalytic oxidizers and save fuel in the bargain. "Catalytic oxidizer performance can fall off with time as they become poisoned or fouled," he said. "Platinum Plus can rejuvenate aged diesel catalysts and protect and improve the performance of new systems."

Clean Diesel Technologies is a development-stage company with patent-protected products that reduce emissions from diesel engines while simultaneously improving fuel economy and power. R&D efforts and products are grouped into two categories: PFCs and NOx Reduction Systems. Platinum Plus is a registered trademark of Clean Diesel Technologies Inc.

Source: Clean Diesel Technologies