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IMPCO opens new gaseous-fuel technology center

18 November 1997

Cerritos, CA—IMPCO Technologies Inc. announced the opening of the world's largest facility dedicated to the research and development of systems and products that support the use of clean burning gaseous fuels in internal combustion engines and fuel cells.

Located on a five acre tract of land in Irvine, CA, the new IMPCO Advanced Technology Center boasts the largest assemblage of alternative fuel engineers and technicians all working together in one facility. The 80,000-square-foot center in Southern California currently employs more than 140 professionals and has the most sophisticated state-of-the-art research laboratories, emissions control equipment and alternative-fuel-vehicle assembly and testing facilities in the world.

Frank W. Pereira, brand manager, General Motors' Advanced Technology Vehicles, remarked: "GM is committed to alternative- fuel vehicles, evidenced by the variety of vehicles we currently offer. We are always working to provide the products our customers want without taking our eyes off the technology of the future." Commenting on how the work being done at IMPCO's Advanced Technology Center will help General Motors' position in the industry, Pereira stated: "GM's ability to meet the current and future needs of the market will only be enhanced with the opening of IMPCO's new facility. We are expecting continued success with our strategic partner in alternative fuels."

Engineers at the center will carry out a complete range of operations aimed at developing cost effective and efficient gaseous fuel systems and components for trucks, urban fleet vehicles such as taxis and delivery trucks, passenger vehicles, forklifts, stationary engines and other indoor vehicles and portable engines. Included will be: full vehicle engineering and validation; power-train controls and validation; advanced manufacturing for engine controls and natural gas fuel storage; and testing procedures to meet different global emission control standards.

IMPCO Technologies sells alternative fuel products and services worldwide. With headquarters in Cerritos, the company has additional facilities in Irvine; Detroit; Seattle; Mount Pleasant, Iowa; Australia; the Netherlands; France; Germany; and the United Kingdom. IMPCO provides conversion systems for motor vehicles, forklifts, other material- handling equipment and small portable to large stationary engines.

Source: IMPCO Technologies