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Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild—EPA certifies Johnson Mathey equipment

6 November 1997

The Federal Register announced EPA's decision to certify equipment to the 0.10 g/bhp-hr standard for the Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild Program. The equipment is provided by Johnson Matthey Incorporated (JMI). The certified equipment, initially referred to by JMI as the Catalytic Reduction Technology-Cam kit, is a kit consisting of proprietary camshafts, CEM II catalytic exhaust muffler, and specific engine rebuild parts and certain engine settings. The nomenclature of the kit, Catalytic Reduction Technology-Cam, has been discontinued by JMI. The kit will be marketed by JMI under the name Cam Converter TechnologyTM upgrade kit.

The kit is applicable to 6V92TA urban bus engine models made by Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) from model years 1979 to 1989 and equipped with mechanical unit injectors (MUI), and may be used immediately by transit operators in compliance with program requirements. The kit is available in four horsepower ratings (253, 277, 294, and 325 horsepower).

EPA has determined that the CCTTM kit complies with the 0.10 gram per brake horsepower-hour (g/bhp-hr) particulate matter (PM) standard for the applicable engines. In addition, because JMI will offer the kit to all parties for $7,940 (in 1992 dollars) or less, incremental to the cost of a standard rebuild, EPA has determined that JMI's notification complies with the life cycle cost requirements of the program regulations. JMI may make an alternative supply option available to purchasers.

Today's Federal Register notice triggers requirements for transit operators utilizing compliance Program 1 that have engines rated above 294 horsepower in their fleet covered by this certification (excluding engines certified to meet California emissions standards).