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Thermatrix and Lucas sign development agreement for diesel engine emission control

4 November 1997

San Jose, CA—Thermatrix Inc. announced today the signing of a joint development agreement with Lucas Diesel Systems, a division of LucasVarity plc, for application of the Thermatrix patented flameless thermal oxidation (FTO) technology to the treatment of diesel engine emissions from mobile sources.

The agreement provides for Thermatrix and Lucas Diesel Systems to jointly develop and test a prototype system that will treat diesel engine emissions from primarily mobile sources including automobiles, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. The agreement also covers possible application as a non-catalytic converter for automobiles using gasoline. The parties conducted initial testing of the FTO technology on a diesel engine in January 1997, determining that the FTO technology can destroy a wide size range of soot particles and VOCs while lowering NOx emissions. The joint development agreement will determine whether the technology can be employed economically at a size suitable for mobile applications.

“We have recently tested a new configuration of our proprietary Thermatrix flameless technology resulting in a significant size reduction compared to previous industrial applications,” said John Schofield, Chairman and CEO of Thermatrix. “We believe that combining the technical capability of Lucas Diesel Systems in injection technology with that of Thermatrix in flameless non-catalytic oxidation offers the exciting prospect of a unique product to deal with vehicle pollution,” he said.

LucasVarity plc designs, manufacturers and supplies advanced technology systems, products and services to the world's automotive diesel engine, aftermarket and aerospace industries.

Thermatrix is an industrial technology company that provides a range of products for the destruction or treatment of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants. For further information contact: Thermatrix Inc., John T. Schofield, President and CEO, or Steven J. Guerrettaz, Chief Financial Officer, 408-453-0490.

Source: Thermatrix Inc.