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MSHA approved diesel power package for permissible equipment

8 January 1997

The US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) issued the first equipment approval under the new coal mine diesel regulations which were introduced on 25 October 1996. Permissible diesel-powered equipment manufactured on or after 25 November 1999, and used in an underground coal mine must be provided with an engine approved in accordance with the requirements of part 7, subpart E of the regulations. Manufacturers have begun to apply for and receive approval for power packages that meet these requirements.

Dry exhaust conditioning system with diesel particulate filter manufactured by Paas Technologies, Inc. has been approved by MSHA for use in permissible diesel-powered equipment. The equipment has been approved for use on the Deutz-MWM 916-6 diesel engine (approval number 7F-001-0).

The dry exhaust conditioning system includes a heat exchanger that cools the exhaust gases to below 300°F. The heat exchanger replaces a water scrubber, which has been extensively used on permissible mining equipment to meet the maximum exhaust gas temperature requirements. The Paas Technologies system also includes a disposable diesel particulate filter.