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New Isuzu diesel on GMC trucks

20 August 1998

Isuzu's new Duramax 7800 diesel engine, a new in-line, six-cylinder unit with a displacement of 7.8 L, is making its debut in North America as an optional powerplant for GMC and Chevrolet's 1999 model year T-Series medium-duty tilt cab truck. This is the first engine resulting from GM Powertrain's new business partnership with Isuzu.

In the T-Series application, the Duramax 7800 carries two output ratings: 200 hp at 2400 rpm, with peak torque of 441 ft-lb at 1500 rpm and a 29% torque rise; and 230 hp at 2400 rpm, with peak torque of 517 ft-lb at 1500 rpm and a 48% torque rise. The engine is turbocharged and charge-air cooled. The compression ratio is 16.8:1 for both ratings. Dry weight, without clutch, is given at 1235 lb (560 kg).

Source: Diesel Progress