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Fairbanks Morse receives $2.5 million order for new-technology dual-fuel engine

7 October 1998

Coltec Industries Inc., Fairbanks Morse Engine Division has received an order valued in excess of $2.5 million for the first dual-fuel engine based on its technology sharing agreement with MAN B&W Diesel Inc.

The 12-cylinder FM/MAN 32/40DG engine is scheduled for delivery in the second half of 1999. It will provide 6,192 brake horsepower to drive a four-megawatt electrical generating system for the city of Sabetha, Kansas.

The engine incorporates emission-reduction technology pioneered by Fairbanks Morse and MAN's advanced dual-fuel capabilities. Fairbanks Morse's Enviro-Design® technology reduces nitrogen oxide emissions to as low as one gram per brake horsepower hour, the lowest level recorded throughout the world by a dual-fuel engine. The dual-fuel engine is powered by natural gas and a pilot diesel fuel injection.

Warren Martin, president of Coltec's Fairbanks Morse Engine Division, said, "Our new partnership with MAN enables us to provide competitive products in the four- to six-megawatt range. This engine bridges the gap between our less-powerful opposed-piston power plants and our heavy-duty Colt-Pieslstick engines, which range up to 23,000 brakehorsepower and drive much larger electrical generating systems."

Coltec Industries is a producer of landing gear systems and industrial sealing products as well as other highly engineered products for aerospace and other industrial applications. The Fairbanks Morse Engine Division, based in Beloit, Wisconsin, manufactures heavy-duty diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines for marine propulsion, the oil and gas industry, and for stationary and marine power generation.

Source: Coltec Industries