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Johnson Matthey’s CCT kit receives 0.1 g PM EPA certification for urban buses

26 October 1998

Effective 21 October 1998, the US EPA certified the Johnson Matthey CCT™ Upgrade Kit (Cam Converter Technology) for 1985-1993 DDC DDEC urban bus engines. The CCT™ Upgrade Kit reduces PM emissions to less than 0.1 g/bhp-hr, as well as NOx emissions below 5.0 g/bhp-hr. It is certified for both California and Federal engines.

The CCT™ Upgrade Kit incorporates a proprietary camshaft, engine components, an ECM program upgrade, and a catalyst muffler.

Effective 22 March 1999, transit operators using the compliance Option 1 under the UBRR program are required to use equipment certified to the 0.1 g/bhp-hr PM standard, when rebuilding the affected engines.

William Rutledge, EPA, 202.564.9297
Marty Lassen, JM, lassem@matthey.com, 610.341.3404