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New study on diesel engines in coal mines

13 October 1998

The Center for Diesel Research of the University of Minnesota and Power Systems Research have announced the availability of a new study on diesel powered equipment in underground coal mines in the US. The study details the type of diesel powered equipment used in underground coal mines today and provides perspective on equipment brands, engine power and applications. The report includes ventilation rates for all engines currently certified for underground coal mine applications.

The study also describes how new regulations from the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) will tighten up operating and maintenance practices and dictate new mine ventilation standards for many types of equipment. MSHA estimates that as much as 50% of the airborne particulate matter in an underground coal mine can be due to diesel engine exhaust. The report contains overviews on the regulatory deadlines that will be facing manufacturers and operators of diesel powered equipment in underground coal mines.

Information on the report is available from Power Systems Research at 1-888-625-8612 or 651-905-8400.