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Report on Fisher-Tropsh technology from Rentech

23 December 1998

Rentech, Inc. announced the release of a Gas to Liquids (GTL) report titled "Fischer-Tropsch Technology: Gas-to-Liquids, Solids-to-Liquids, Liquids-to Liquids" by Howard, Weil, Labouisse, Fredrichs Incorporated.

The entire report is available online from the Rentech company website.

Rentech, Inc. is a Denver, CO, based company that develops and markets a process for the conversion of natural gas or solid and liquid hydrocarbons, like coal or refinery wastes, into clean liquid hydrocarbons such as sulfur free, aromatic free diesel fuel.

Download the report (MS Word file)
Contact: Mark Koenig, Rentech, 303-298-8008