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IMPCO forms joint venture with Beru

3 February 1999

IMPCO Technologies Inc. announced the formation of a joint venture with BERU Aktiengesellschaft, a Germany-based OEM and aftermarket supplier of diesel and automotive engine components and systems. BERU will purchase a 49% interest in The Netherlands-based IMPCO Technologies B.V.

Sales of IMPCO Technologies B.V. are projected to be $13 million this fiscal year. The new company will be operated as IMPCO-BERU Technologies B.V.

BERU Aktiengesellschaft, with headquarters in Ludwigsburg, Germany, is a manufacturer of diesel engine cold-start technology and components for gasoline-fueled engines, with annual sales of approximately $250 million. BERU currently holds 13.9% of IMPCO Technologies' common stock.

IMPCO Technologies provides propane and natural gas conversion systems for motor vehicles, forklifts, other material handling equipment, and small portable to large stationary engines.