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Diesel-electric propulsion for military vehicles

3 February 1999

After the recent announcements on several urban bus and truck applications, Lockheed Martin will present its hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system on military vehicles.

A demonstration of two hybrid vehicles will take place at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Conference, Orlando Radisson Hotel, February 15-17. The US Army’s National Automotive Center (NAC) invites everyone to test-ride a 5-ton, 6-wheel drive tactical truck powered by the Lockheed Martin’s HybriDrive™ diesel-electric propulsion system, and to watch a drag race between a hybrid HMMWV and its conventionally powered stock counterpart.

The NAC is evaluating hybrid-electric drive technology as part of a broader program to reduce fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions while improving the performance of future military and commercial trucks.

The HybriDrive™ propulsion system developed by Lockheed Martin Control Systems (Johnson City, NY) has been adapted for military evaluation by a team from Lockheed Martin, Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicle Systems (Sealy, TX) and the NAC (Warren, MI). PEI, Inc. (Huntsville, Alabama) developed the hybrid HMMWV’s I/C and 4-motor electric drive.

Contact: Neil Jackson of Madison Communications, 734-426-2130, madison@bizserve.com, for US Army’s National Automotive Center, or Larry Stone of Lockheed Martin Control Systems, 607-770-3944, lawrence.w.stone@lmco.com.

Source: US Army National Automotive Center