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Proceedings from the ’98 nanoparticles workshop

8 February 1999

The 2nd International Workshop on the Measurement of Nanoparticles was held in Zürich in August 98. The workshop was very well attended by about 100 specialists from 30 research institutes dealing with aerosol analysis and engine emissions as well as representatives from the auto- and oil-industry, occupational health authorities and health effect scientists. 29 technical papers were presented.

Proceedings are now available and can be received through TTM, the workshop organizer or BUWAL, Schweizer Bundesamt für Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft, Abteilung Luftreinhaltung, CH 3003 Bern Mr. M.Wyser-Heusi, Tel 0041 (31) 322 9369 / Fax 324 0137 / e-mail Max.Wyser@BUWAL.admin.ch.

Source: TTM