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Optimized idle on DDC bus engines

5 May 1999

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) announced the introduction of Optimized Idle™ for the Bus and Coach market. Optimized Idle, a feature of the Detroit Diesel DDEC III and IV Electronic Control Module, limits engine idle time to only those times that require it, based on engine temperature, battery voltage or interior temperature.

During periods when the vehicle is not moving the Optimized Idle system automatically starts and stops the engine as necessary to maintain the engine temperature and battery voltage within pre-set limits. With the optional thermostat, Optimized Idle will monitor the interior temperature of the bus or coach. When the temperature rises above or drops below a pre-set level, Optimized Idle will start the engine to heat or cool the interior back to its comfort zone.

Unnecessary engine idling increases higher operating costs by lowering overall fuel economy, shortening maintenance intervals and reducing engine life through increased wear. Optimized Idle provides cost savings and environmental benefits through idle reduction which saves fuel while requiring no additional maintenance.

"Detroit Diesel's DDEC Optimized Idle is based on patented, field proven start/stop technology," said Patrick Scully, Vice President of Bus & Coach Sales. "We have seen positive results from the truck industry and we are excited to be introducing it to the Bus & Coach market."

Source: DDC