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Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in Paris

26 July 1999

BP Amoco announced it will introduce Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) in Paris, France. The fuel will be available as early as September at no extra cost to customers.

BP's ULSD will be made available in 40 inner city service stations by September 1 and then extended to all of its 220 regional sites by the end of the year. The fuel will be available immediately for commercial customers, including urban bus operators.

The fuel will meet, ahead of time, the 2005 European Union fuel specifications of maximum 50 ppm sulfur.

The Paris initiative is part of a "Clean Fuels - Clean Cities" project announced by BP Amoco in January. Under the project, clean fuels will be introduced in 40 cities across the world that are most adversely affected by environmental pollution. Besides Paris, the program has been announced in London, Atlanta (low sulfur gasoline), and Istanbul (unleaded gasoline, low sulfur diesel in the future).

Source: BP Amoco