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Panel Session on EPA Exhaust Emission Regulations for Marine Diesel Engines Planned for ASME ICE Division 1999 Fall Technical Conference

12 August 1999

The ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference will be held October 17-20, 1999 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There will be twelve technical sessions, where 54 papers will be presented. The Conference is hosted by the Automotive Research Center of the University of Michigan

The conference will open with a Soichiro Honda Lecture titled "A Manufacturer's Perspective on IC Engine Technology at Century's End," by Dr. Thomas W. Asmus of Daimler-Chrysler Corporation.

One of the technical sessions will be dedicated to discussing EPA's final rule for commercial CI marine engines, which are expected to be published in November 1999. Also covered will be EPA's proposed rules for recreational CI marine engines, which is also expected to be published in November 1999. This panel will explore the technical issues and challenges of these regulations.

Panel: EPA Exhaust Emission Regulations for Marine Diesel Engines

Organizer: Steve Fritz, Southwest Research Institute

  1. "Overview of EPA's Commercial CI Marine Engine Regulations"
    Alan Stout - US EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
  2. "Overview of EPA's Recreational CI Marine Engine Regulations"
    Mike Simulski - US EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
  3. "International Exhaust Emission Controls, MARPOL Annex VI"
    Andy Wright, American Bureau of Shipping
  4. "Engine Manufacturer Issues"
    Walt Brown, Engine Manufacturers Association
  5. "Fuels and Lubricant Implications"
    Tim Eitzen - Chevron USA

Another highlight of the conference, will be a technical tour planned for Wednesday morning, which will highlight the activities of the Automotive Research Center (ARC) at the University of Michigan, as well as other related engine and manufacturing research facilities that include the GM Satellite Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan. The ARC is a Center of Excellence for Modeling and Simulation of Ground Vehicles, led by the University of Michigan in partnership with seven other Universities.

The Preliminary Program for the 1999 Fall Technical Conference, along with registration and hotel information, can be found at http://www.asme.org/divisions/ice/, or for more information contact Edison Aulestia at ASME Headquarters at 212-591-7159, or by e-mail at aulestiae@asme.org.