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Lubrizol to develop additives for GTL fuels

3 August 1999

Lubrizol Corporation and Syntroleum Corporation announced an agreement to develop and test additives for use in fuels manufactured using gas-to-liquids (GTL) processes. Under the agreement, initial programs will focus on the development of additives to enhance the performance of "designer fuels" being developed by Syntroleum.

Syntroleum develops GTL processes to manufacture synthetic fuels from natural gas and other carbonaceous feedstocks using the Fischer-Tropsch process. GTL fuels are virtually free of sulfur and aromatics, resulting in lower emissions. However, since sulfur provides good lubricating properties in diesel fuel, lubricity additives are necessary in synthetic diesel fuels.

Syntroleum Corporation licenses its proprietary GTL process for converting natural gas into synthetic crude oil and transportation fuels to a number to a number of oil companies. Syntroleum's automotive fuels development program is conducted in cooperation with DaimlerChrysler

The Lubrizol Corporation is a manufacturer of chemical additives for lubricants, fuels and other specialty markets.

Source: Lubrizol Corporation