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Lubrizol to develop diesel fuel - water blends

19 August 1999

The Lubrizol Corporation announced that it is developing a low-emission diesel fuel/water blends and blending technology designed for use in commercial service diesel engines. The development is conducted in cooperation with Caterpillar Inc. The new fuel system, aimed at reducing NOx emissions, is termed "PuriNOx™." PuriNOx fuel would be blended by fuel marketers, distributors, and users utilizing Lubrizol's proprietary PuriNOx blending units and chemical additives. Lubrizol said the technology produces stable fuel emulsions from water and commercial diesel fuel.

Lubrizol tests indicate that, when compared to commercial diesel fuel, PuriNOx fuel reduces two of the most critical emissions from compression ignition engines—nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (PM). PuriNOx fuel reduces NOx emissions by 5 to 30% and PM emissions by 20 to 50%. The fuel can be used in older and newer diesel engines and requires no modification to fuel systems or engine hardware.

PuriNOx Performance Systems' products are currently under laboratory and market evaluation for various applications of both on- and off-road mobile and stationary equipment. Additional market evaluations of PuriNOx fuel will take place in North America, Europe and Central and South America in the coming months. If the evaluations are concluded successfully, the PuriNOx system will be offered commercially by Lubrizol to fuel marketers and distributors in emission-sensitive regional areas, such as California.

Source: Lubrizol Corporation