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Siemens Diesel Systems Technology to build new injector plant in South Carolina

8 September 1999

In anticipation of continuing market growth, Siemens Diesel Systems Technology, LLC (SDST) announced plans to build a diesel injector manufacturing plant in South Carolina. The new 200,500-square-foot facility will be located in the Northpoint Business Park, in Columbia, SC. Earlier this year, the SDST established itself in South Carolina by locating its operations temporarily in an existing 70,000-square-foot facility in Columbia, SC.

The facility will comprise 174,500-square-feet of space dedicated to manufacturing, testing and assembly. An additional 26,000-square-feet will be reserved for administrative and engineering purposes. Production is anticipated to begin in May, 2000. SDST plans to employ nearly 500 people by October, 2004.

SDST is a joint venture formed in March, 1999, between Siemens Automotive Corporation and Navistar International Corporation. The company will develop and manufacture low-pressure, common-rail digital valve fuel injectors for use in diesel fuel systems designed and manufactured by Navistar's Engine and Foundry Group. The diesel injector incorporates proprietary Sturman digital valve technology under license from Sturman Engine Systems, LLC.

The electro-hydraulic fuel injection system, part of Navistar's "Green Diesel Technology", is scheduled to be ready for commercial use by the 2002 model year. The system is designed to increase engine performance and to lower emissions. Production levels are expected to reach four million injectors per year by 2005, and will establish SDST as a leader in the North American market for diesel fuel injectors.

Source: Siemens Automotive