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Siemens buys diesel injection pump manufacturer

10 December 1999

Siemens Automotive of Regensberg, Germany announced an acquisition of the automotive operations of Mannesmann Rexroth AG. Rexroth Automotive, based in Lohr am Main, Germany, develops and manufactures high-pressure pumps for high-pressure diesel fuel injection systems.

This acquisition strengthens Siemens Automotive's position as a supplier of complete diesel injection systems. The Rexroth pump is used in injection systems that feature second-generation common rail technology. Siemens said it would be the first company to supply this technology to the automotive industry at the end of 2000.

The two companies had been working in partnership to develop specialized high-pressure diesel pumps. The range of products for the high-pressure diesel injection also includes piezohydraulic injectors, actuators with corresponding sensors, engine control electronics and the fuel rail. Siemens Automotive has invested more than $91 million in its overall high-pressure diesel injection project.

In 1998 Mannesmann Rexroth Automotive achieved roughly $29 million in sales. Approximately 120 people are based in its production facility in Seckach, Germany, and the Lohr am Main site contains about 130 employees involved in research and development, sales and quality management. Siemens will add the 250 employees to its team.

This acquisition follows another Siemens Automotive's diesel systems venture, which is this year's $100 million development of the Siemens Diesel Systems Technology (SDST) diesel injector facility in Columbia, SC, in partnership with Navistar.

Source: Siemens Automotive