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Turbopac supercharger licensed to Honeywell

21 February 2000

Honeywell Turbocharging Systems announced it will be offering an electrical Garrett® supercharger, that will carry the Turbopac™ trade name. The Turbopac supercharger is a motor-driven device that enables immediate engine boost in response to the driver pressing the accelerator. The Turbopac is installed between the air intake system and the turbocharger in vehicles with existing turbochargers. This new product is said to provide faster acceleration, better fuel economy, and an emission reduction.

The Turbopac supercharger, originally developed by Turbodyne Technologies Inc., has been licensed to Honeywell Turbocharging Systems. Under the agreement, Honeywell Turbocharging Systems has the exclusive licensing rights for the manufacturing and marketing of the Dynacharger and Turbopac products on a worldwide basis. Turbodyne holds exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and supply electric motors and generators, electronic controls and light metal components for both of these product lines.

With more than $1 billion in sales and 5,000 employees, Honeywell Turbocharging Systems is a global manufacturer of Garrett turbochargers and superchargers for diesel and gasoline-driven passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. The company’s worldwide headquarters is based in Torrance, California and its European headquarters is based in Levallois-Perret, France. Turbocharging Systems operates 15 manufacturing facilities and technology centers in 12 nations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Source: Honeywell Turbocharging Systems