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I/M Implementation Status Report on the web

9 February 2000

The Manufacturer of Emissions Controls Association (MECA) announced Internet availability of its "I/M Implementation Status Report". The entire report, originally published in June 1999, is now posted on the MECA web site.

The report provides a summary of all vehicle emission Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs currently in effect in the US and Canada, including information on heavy-duty diesel testing programs. Almost 40 states in the US and some Canadian provinces have some sort of I/M program in effect.

For the particular states and provinces, the Report includes such information as the program's goal, the number of vehicles affected, emissions standards, test fees, repair technician/station requirements, and contact information.

The report can be downloaded from http://www.meca.org/publist.html (scroll down the page to "I/M Implementation Status Report").

Source: MECA