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DaimlerChrysler and HJS form PUREM GmbH

22 April 2000

The Powertrain Business Unit of DaimlerChrysler and Menden, Germany - based HJS Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH have formed PUREM GmbH, a new company dedicated to the development and production of exhaust emission control systems. The name of the new venture has been coined from "pure emissions". DaimlerChrysler and HJS have equal interest in PUREM.

PUREM will be manufacturing advanced emission control systems, such as diesel particulate filters with complete regeneration systems and deNOx catalysts (selective catalytic reduction). The systems will be engineered to meet the Euro 4 emission standards for heavy-duty engines. Manufacturers of commercial vehicles and engines in Europe and worldwide are the expected customer base for PUREM.

A PUREM research and development center, which will eventually employ 30 people, is already in operation in Menden (Sauerland, Germany). The company plans to built a manufacturing plant to employ some hundreds of workers. Production is expected to begin in 2003.

Plans to form an emission control joint venture were first announced by DaimlerChrysler and HJS in October 1999.

Source: HJS