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Koch soybean diesel blends for Minnesota urban areas

4 April 2000

Wichita, Kansas - based Koch Performance Fuels announced the introduction of its soybean "low-blend" biodiesel fuels in Minnesota’s three largest cities: Minneapolis, St. Paul and Rochester. This offering represents an over 200% increase in the potential reach for Koch's two premium diesel products: US Soy Field Diesel and US Soy 50 Field Diesel.

Last May Koch introduced the fuels in four Midwestern states, including Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota. The fuels—the US first pre-mixed, precision-blended soybean oil fuels—were primarily available to farm customers of rural cooperatives and distributors. After test-marketing the products for three months, Koch added distribution locations in Iowa and South Dakota.

Koch said, the latest expansion is due to high farmer acceptance, plus a growing interest from urban bus and truck fleet operators.

Both new products are also premium diesels which, Koch said, deliver 5% better fuel economy and 5% more power. US Soy 50 offers a minimum cetane number of 50, US Soy has a typical cetane number of 45. Sulfur content specification for both fuels is 0.05% wt., which is typical for most of today's highway diesel fuels in the USA.

Koch also said, the US Soy Field Diesel reduced particulates and ozone-forming emissions compared to typical #2 diesel. Specifically, tests with US Soy Field Diesel resulted in 20% lower VOC and carbon monoxide emissions, 15% less particulates and 5% less NOx. It also cut smoke by 30%.

Koch's new products have received endorsement from state and national farm commodity groups like the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, and the American Soybean Association.

Source: Koch Industries