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Global energy companies announce joint project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

4 May 2000

Seven global energy companies announced that they have joined forces to research and develop carbon dioxide (CO2) separation and geologic storage technology aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. BP Amoco, Chevron, Norsk Hydro, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of companies, Statoil, Suncor Energy and Texaco will all participate in the $20 million, three and a half year CO2 Capture Project (CCP). BP Amoco will act as project coordinator.

Through the CCP, the project partners aim to develop effective methods to capture significant amounts of CO2 emitted from power generation and industrial sources and store the gas in geologic formations below the earth’s surface. If successful, the project could lead to a notable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across a wide range of industries, not just the energy sector.

The purpose of carbon dioxide separation and geologic storage is to prevent man-made emissions from reaching the atmosphere by capturing the gas and safely storing it in geologic formations deep within the earth. The oil industry has extensive experience in the handling of large volumes of CO2, which is injected into approximately 70 oil fields worldwide to enhance oil recovery.

The CCP will conduct comprehensive research on separation methods, develop procedures and guidelines for monitoring and verifying storage of CO2, and seek to encourage policies to further the technical and economic viability of CO2 capture and storage. Depending on its success, this technology development phase of the project may be followed by prototype testing and demonstration.

The participating companies intend to make the project a collaborative effort between industry and government and seek participation from government agencies in North America and Europe.

CONTACT: Youssef Ibrahim, BP Amoco 212-451-8000; Gord Lambert, Suncor Energy +1-403-269-8720; Else Hafstad, Statoil +47-7358-4104; Mike Hogan, Shell +44-20-7934 6238; Andy Norman, Texaco 914-253-4068; Helge Stiksrud, Norsk-Hydro +47-2273-9008; Bonnie Chaikind, Chevron 415-894-1200.

Source: BP Amoco