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Mack expands engine lineup beyond trucking

19 June 2000

Mack Trucks, Inc. announced it has created a new business unit, MackPower, that will manufacture, market and service a lineup of Mack diesel engines for a range of commercial, industrial and marine applications.

Initial product offerings will include the Mack E7 mechanical design engine, and the Mack E7 E-Tech engine, which is a six-cylinder, 12-liter model featuring an electronic pump-in-line injection system. Mack's E9 engine, which is a 16-liter V8 design, will be available later in the year.

Initial power ratings on the marine side (which have been designated MP ME7 engines) will range from 350 to 650 horsepower. Commercial and industrial engines (designated MP IE7) will range from 350 to 500 horsepower. Marine engines include both raw water-cooled and keel-cooled models.

Mack is currently developing a distribution network that will be dedicated specifically to the commercial, industrial and marine markets. These locations will consist of new dealerships, as well as established dealerships that are anxious to add MackPower products to complement their existing product offerings. Mack is also offering financing assistance.

The engines will be manufactured at the Mack Powertrain Operations in Hagerstown, MD, where engineers and product development specialists for each new market have been assigned. The toll-free telephone number for all MackPower inquiries is 877-6-PWRMACK.

Source: Mack