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4th Conference on Nanoparticle Measurement—Final Program

13 July 2000

The 4th Conference on Nanoparticle Measurement, to be held on August 7-9, 2000, in Zurich, has published its final program. Participants of the meeting will have the chance to listen to and discuss more than 50 presentations during two days packed with new information covering the whole field from basic aerosol research to real time industrial instrumentation, from health effect metrology requirements to new after-treatment devices, from car to ship engines, from fresh aerosol observations to complex atmospheric nucleation phenomena, from the scientific view to the regulation aspects.

In a new approach this year, the Conference will run 2 independent workshops with a limited number of participants on “sampling and measurement” and on “calibration”. These workshops will try to condense our knowledge, nucleate ideas, and adopt a straightforward engineering approach to come up with one or two proposals which can be driven forward with general acceptance by industry, regulators, academics and health effect experts.

A trip is also planned to a beautiful region of Switzerland, known to be extremely sensitive to air pollution. The participants will see the Swiss efforts to keep these areas clean from additional diesel particulate emissions by the implementation of particulate filter technology.

Final Agenda (pdf)

Source: TTM