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Corning introduces new diesel particulate filter material

26 September 2000

Corning Incorporated, a supplier of emission-control components, announced the Corning DuraTrap™ RC diesel particulate filter intended for new medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks. The new filter can also be retrofitted to existing medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

According to Corning, the DuraTrap RC diesel particulate filter provides a number of benefits over currently available cordierite filters, including improved filtration performance, lower back pressure, and significantly improved thermal durability. The new DuraTrap RC diesel particulate filter provides consistent filtration efficiency of 90% or greater.

The DuraTrap RC filter also has a higher cell density (200 cpsi) and thicker walls (0.020 inch) compared to conventional cordierite filters (100 cpsi and 0.017 inch, respectively). This modification in filter geometry provides a more thermally durable filter by creating a higher mass body. These features help the DuraTrap RC diesel particulate filter withstand the variable and high temperatures encountered in diesel emission system regeneration processes.

Introduction of a new filter material by Corning was expected in the industry for a long time. Some of the shortcomings of the currently most common cordierite filters have contributed to an increasing interest of vehicle and emission control manufacturers in competitive products, such as silicone carbide filters.

The DuraTrap RC filter was introduced at the Corning-sponsored second annual Clean Diesel Workshop being held in Wiesbaden, Germany, September 26-28.

Source: Corning