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Enova Systems in hybrid development agreements

17 October 2000

Torrance, CA -based Enova Systems has entered into an agreement to develop a new 240kW series hybrid propulsion system with transit bus manufacturer Gillig Corporation for use in their 40-foot transit buses.

The new propulsion system is designed to offer an alternative to the conventional diesel engine that currently powers Gillig’s 40-foot transit buses. A single 240kW AC induction drive motor that develops sufficient torque to meet all of the buses’ operating parameters including acceleration, top speed and gradeability will provide motive power, and an on-board generator and a small battery pack will supply power for the electric drive motor.

This configuration allows a much smaller engine to be used to operate the on-board generator for cruising loads, while transient loads such as acceleration are supplied by the battery pack. It is the operation of this smaller engine at constant speeds that provides improvements in emissions and economy, while providing the operator with a vehicle that delivers the performance they require.

The first Gillig bus with the new Enova Systems series hybrid propulsion system is slated to be on the roads for testing and evaluation by the second quarter of 2001.

At the same time, Enova Systems also announced a Joint Marketing Agreement with a micro-turbine supplier Capstone Turbine to provide turbine powered hybrid-electric propulsion systems for global markets.

This propulsion system is supposed to integrate Enova’s propulsion and power management systems with Capstone’s micro-turbine to provide a complete solution for turbine-based series hybrid drive systems. As a series hybrid, the propulsion system would be powered during cruising from the micro-turbine, while an on-board battery pack would provide additional power for acceleration.

Source: Enova Systems