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Caterpillar introduces new industrial diesel engine

11 November 2000

Caterpillar has introduced a new 8.8 liter diesel engine model C-9. The C-9 will debut as an industrial engine with initial ratings from 275 to 335 hp. Caterpillar machine applications, electrical power generation, truck, and marine uses will follow. The C-9 will be manufactured at Cat’s Greenville, SC plant.

The C-9 also marks the first Caterpillar application of its HEUI-B common rail fuel system and also is the debut of Cat’s new ADEM III electronic control package in non-truck use. The engine is expected to begin appearing in Cat agricultural and construction equipment in the third quarter of 2001. More than 20 Cat machine uses are anticipated including the Challenger ag tractor, Lexion combine, as well as articulated dump trucks, medium wheel loaders, track-type tractors, track-type loaders, hydraulic excavators and motor graders.

The C-9 is a turbocharged, six-cylinder, inline configuration diesel engine with air-to-air aftercooling. The engine has 133 mm bore spacing and a 112 mm × 149 mm bore and stroke, giving the C-9 its 8.8 L displacement. The engine is listed at 1455 lbs. (dry) and is 1078 mm long and 954 mm high.

Source: Diesel Progress