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Corning to acquire NoTox

30 November 2000

Corning Incorporated announced that it has agreed to acquire NoTox A/S from Silentor NoTox A/S for US $8.5 million in cash. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, NoTox develops and produces diesel particulate filters using silicon carbide (SiC) materials. The seller is Silentor NoTox, a Danish company providing a range of muffler technologies to the automotive industry.

The acquisition is expected to accelerate the development of advanced diesel particulate filters for the automobile, truck and bus markets by Corning. Industry analysts anticipate that the market for diesel particulate filters could exceed US $300 million by 2005. The purchase gives Corning access to NoTox’s silicon carbide filter design and production capability.

Silicon carbide filters can be used to reduce particulate emissions from a wide range of diesel engines. They have shown particular promise for use in light-duty diesel vehicle applications, such as automobiles, where filters must withstand very high in-use temperatures.

The SiC particulate filters are expected to complement the existing line of Corning’s diesel particulate filters made of cordierite. In comparison to cordierite, silicone carbide is characterized by higher maximum temperature limit.

Source: Corning